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Welcome to Emily Duff Designs

Your Space. Reimagined.

At Emily Duff Designs, the goal is to enhance the way you live by making the most out of your space. I can offer my ability to design an exceptional space that is tailored and timeless.


Services offered

Spatial Planning

My goal is to give you a floor plan that will not only work well in your space, but meets all of your needs. The function and flow are top priority. Making it look fabulous is the icing on the cake.

I will measure your space and develop a floor plan so that you can truly see what the space will be like.  We will work together to fine tune the design to your preferences. 

Thoroughly planning ahead and going into your project with a working plan makes things very cut and dry when hiring a contractor or purchasing cabinetry. This is the best way to take on a project like this. 

My design work is done via computer-aided design (CAD) software. I provide my clients with a detailed overhead layout.  This allows for measurements to be clearly marked and checked by customers, contractors. architects, etc.  Clients will receive colorful images of what each part of the room will look like once completed. My work is sent via email in PDF format, which allows the plans to be viewed easily and shared if need be.

sample layout.JPG
sample render.JPG

For Businesses and Contractors

I offer design service to contractors and design showrooms that do not have a designer on site.  I have clients around the country who provide me with measurements and architectural plans. With that information, I design a layout my client can use to sell the job to their customer.

General Design Consultation

Maybe you have a small project that you cannot get off the ground? 

Maybe you are not sure on how to make design choices? 

I have been hired to choose paint colors, create lighting plans,

overhaul entire basements...

If I can be of help to you and your project,

I am happy to offer what I can.   

Let me help you get started

Emily Duff Designs offers one on one service to help you explore the possibilities in your space. Before you start knocking walls down, set aside some planning time. Be ready for the contractor. Know exactly what you want and how it will fit before you get started. 

Emily Duff Bedroom After SW.jpg

Spatial Planning for your home

My design process begins with a site visit/ consultation, allowing me to get to know you as well as gather measurements.  My designs provide storage solutions, functionality and flow.  Most importantly, they reflect your style.  Once I understand your needs I will create a space you will love for many years.

Plan your project

I pride myself on creating accurate and detailed plans. It is important to remember that my work happens in the planning phase, before construction begins.  I will work with the measurements taken during my site visit and build you a design utilizing the space in ways you may not have considered.


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Emily Duff Designs

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